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    City: Tiruvannamalai
    Address: 91, Chengam Road,         Ramana Nagar,   Tiruvannamalai ,India-606603
    Phone: +91 999 436 3568
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 am – 8 pm Sun: closed

    avater 1 1avater 1 3avater 1 2avater 1 4avater 1 5placeholderquoteI had a beautiful 7 days panchakarma treatment with a professional consultation, with diet and herbs, and all week long support from Dhanvantari ayurveda detox center. My therapist Mrs. Partheeban is a very kind, empathetic person, she uses all her knowledge practically and also answer to all your questions. He is full of positive energies and we had a very nice connection. I will come back for sure and I totally recommend everybody to let them take care of your body and your soul.


    Software Engg Austriaquote

    It was special time spend learning ayurverda massage. We (my husbant and me) learned much, all details was explaining too us and we like what we choose this course. Thank you:)
    Dario and Ivana from Croatia 🤗

    Ivana Banjeglav

    Physiotherapist Croatiaquote

    i was completely satisfied with this panchakarma center. the doctor is incredible and of an unsurpassed intuitive ability. the treatments, authentic and concretely useful. thanks 🙏👌

    stefano bocchin

    Therapist, Itlay quote

    I had full 7 days of treatment with Partheeban, it was great and gave me a lot! I will defenatly come back. Partheeban is professional and does his job with dedication and loyalty. I felt I have been taken good cared and in very good hands.
    Thank you, 🙏🏽

    Oren Roussou

    Dancer Israelquote

    פרטיבן הינו מטפל מומחה שהצליח לעזור לי בכאביי בזמן קצר להפליא. מעבר למיומנותו המורגשת בכל טיפול, התרשמתי מאישיותו שיש בה תבונה עמוקה המתבטאת גם בהומור, בנועם הליכות ובאותנטיות. יש ביכולתו להשרות זאת על סביבותיו – קשר מיידי עם משהו אמיתי ועמוק. מורגש שהוא מבטא ומייצג משהו מעבר לו.

    נגה צבי

    Chief Nurse Israelplaceholder

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    Rubaida Kanom

    Chef Leader

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    A place for Traditional Authentic Ayurvedic Therapies and Detoxification process and Ayurveda therapy courses.

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